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Oct 11, 2011 9:25 am

If you are interested in making fast money by selling diamond jewelry, you should contact Diamond Buyers of America. The company has a transparent transaction policy and will offer you the highest prices for your diamond jewelry. Diamond Buyers of America accepts used and unwanted diamonds including loose or chipped diamonds. Diamond Buyers of America also accepts diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and rings. sell diamonds

The diamond buying company maintains a strong connection to the diamond industry, which is part of the reason it is able to offer so much money in exchange for diamond jewelry. As a company that specializes in buying diamonds, it may pay you more money than you would receive from a jewelry retailer or pawn shop.

Since a jewelry store purchases its products wholesale, it will never pay you the retail price for a secondhand diamond. Additionally, it will only buy the diamond if it can make money from the item.  The price most jewelers are willing to pay for a diamond is going to be much less than its actual worth; otherwise, the retailer will not make a profit.

A pawn shop does not technically buy a diamond; it uses it as collateral against a loan. Technically, you are supposed to get the diamond back when you repay the loan. A pawn shop usually does not employ a gemologist, so the staff will be unable to properly assess the value of your diamond. Generally, the only test a pawn shop performs on a diamond is to determine whether it is real.

When you sell diamonds to Diamond Buyers of America you are guaranteed to be paid a sum that reflects the value of your diamond.


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