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Dec 13, 2012 12:11 pm

We have 31 reviews on Yelp, but wondered why we have 43 other filtered reviews?

Yelp introduced a filter on the reviews shortly after their launch in 2005.  It is meant to keep business ratings from being vandalized by suspicious reviews that could keep a business from achieving 5 stars. Yelp’s filter method could be helpful in some cases, but it may be hurting other businesses that depend on Yelp’s rating.

Yelp’s filter is constantly changing with the increasing number of reviews that they receive.  In the future the system could be perfected, filtering out only the reviews that are fake or malicious.  For today, we have found that these tips can be very helpful when selecting the right business for you:

1.  Look past the start rating.

Depending on what reviews were filtered out of the star rating, the business could receive 1 star for 2 negative comments, while their filtered reviews have 15 five-star comments.  It is always good to read the reviews, as well as the filtered reviews (in gray, at the bottom of the reviews).  These can give you an idea of what the person may have been feeling that day or if the business really did have terrible customer service.

2.  Is the reviewer legitimate?

It is good to check on the reviewer’s profile if his or hers review looked fake. Also, notice the tone that the review is written in.  If there are only negative reviews that he or she has left for businesses, then that person may be letting out frustration and anger through negative comments.  On the other hand, if there are only positive reviews, that person may just be putting in a good word for friends.

3.  Does the business respond to criticism? 

If there are bad reviews on a businesses’ Yelp page, check to see if the business owner responded to the disgruntled customer.  These responses can give you a hint of how the business treats their customers (are they appreciative, helpful, or wanting to right the wrong?).

Global Gold and Silver has excellent ratings from real customers.  We make sure that our customers leave us with a good experience.  Yelp has shown that stars can have a difference in the way a business is perceived.  Research the reviews for yourself to decide if a business is worth visiting.


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